Extensions I replaced with Bookmarklets

I am often trying different browsers, and found that on of the biggest issues between switching is moving all of my extensions over. Especially if those extensions do not have a one-to-one alternative on said browser. It was during my time with Safari that I started to realize that quite a few of my "extensions" could be replaced with simple bookmarklets. In an effort to spread the word I will share a few of my really commonly used bookmarklets as well as how I create them. 

Creating a Bookmarklet

This is the easy part. Quite a few services that I use include the webpage URL in some part of the query string. If that is the case all you need is to create a new bookmark on that page, edit it, and replace the format as such. 


Web Archive 


Would become:


It really is that simple! 

The two common parts of the URL may want to grab are either the hostname or the full URL. The hostname (e.g. google.com) can be obtained by using location.hostname and the full URL (e.g. https://google.com) can be obtained with location.href.

Common Bookmarklets for Web

Since I do a lot of web support and development, I've got quite a running list. I'll try to update this as I add new ones, but here are my favorite. To add these, just drag the link to your bookmarks bar

WayBack Machine



MX Toolbox

Pagespeed Insights

GT Metrix

China Firewall Test

Whats My DNS

Facebook Debug Tool

Linked In Post Inspector

SSL Checker

Web Page Test