Personal Space

Being a developer is a 24/7 thing.  I never know when I'm going to get an idea and need to spend somewhere between an hour and a week on implementing it. 

It's important to use the free time you have wisely and not get too sucked into the code grind. For me, I volunteer, have a family, and veg out on the occasional video game.  The hardest thing I find time to squeeze in is sleep!


I enjoy spending time giving back to the community. Volunteering is a great way to break away from your normal tasks and focus on someone else's needs.

I've been on a few non-profit boards, but my favorite thing is teaching math at a GED program. It's sort of like mowing the lawn.  I am doing something so abstracted from my normal routine for a long enough period of time that I really find myself deep in thought about things that matter. It is very zen.


I have a wife, two kids, three dogs, a cat, some chinchillas, and a fish. That is just my immediate family. 

When I was younger I didn't give much time or thought to family relationships, and as a result, I've now lost touch with a lot of my extended family. As I grew older I realized that in order to really know yourself, you have to understand a bit about where you came from. 

Not all families are great, and you don't have to like them all. Find the family that matters to you and keep building that relationship.

A family isn't just blood ties though. Family can be friends, co-workers, or online communities. The point is to learn to take some time to build communication and relationships with people outside yourself to break out from thinking inside your sphere.


Recreation is great in moderation. I've lost many acquaintances to their own determination to find a permanent spot on the recreational "couch". Video games, sports, and outdoor activities are amazing ways to grow your brain and keep in shape. You just have to make sure that there is a limit to it. 

My favorite outdoor activity is walking. I walk everywhere and try to get about 4-6 miles in a day. It can be challenging to balance with everything else, but I give myself 1-2 hours each day to just do something that is strictly for me. 

Keep it classy

These are my own priorities, but I think the idea is relevant. You need to find things other than code to fill your life each week.  It's easy to get lost in your mind while you grind, so forcing yourself away from the desk can actually improve your ability to think more broadly on a task.